Capturing the beauty of creation

Peter Denton Somersby Gallery. Photography Gallery Central Coast.

Welcome to Peter Denton Australian Landscape Gallery

Peter Denton's passion is to communicate the beauty of creation through his photography. 
Peter has developed an impressive portfolio from his travels around the world. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Peter has walked the shorelines of Antarctica, experienced the culture of tribal Papua New Guinea, explored the depths of the Amazon Jungles and the vast expanses of the African Savannah to build a portfolio of thought provoking images. 


Peter's work is showcased at the beautiful Australian Landscape Gallery located on the Central Coast, NSW, Australia, only one hour drive north of Sydney. Set amongst a tranquil bush setting, Australian Landscape Gallery provides the perfect platform to escape to world's you have only dreamed. 


Prints range in price from $495 - $5,995 and make a lasting gift for birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas.

Gallery is open Saturday 9am - 4pm and Sunday 11.30am - 4pm. Other times available by appointment only.